Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Challenge #305

Good morning, all!  I want to thank those who applied to be on our team during the recent design team call.  I will contact everyone by Friday and the new team will be announced next week. 

The top three from challenge #303 are as follows:
(I loved both versions)

Great cards!  And, wow! it was so amazing to see so many of you participate in this challenge.  Thank you so much!

Now for challenge #305.  The sketch is courtesy of Kaylin and the OPTIONAL theme is "My Favourite Things".
And here are the examples from the team:


Beautiful....and inspirational!  I am sure these cards will inspire our viewers to play along.  Thanks, ladies, for being members of our team.

Remember, everyone, that you have two weeks to join in the fun and you can enter below or on our Facebook page.  Happy card making, all!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Challenge #304

Well, the holidays are over so it is time to get back to work - or is it play?  However you look at it, crafting is fun and, after a short break, it is time to get going again.

I don't have a photo for you - again- but I have finally picked up my camera so hopefully soon.

Before I show you our top picks from challenge #202, I would like to let you know that there is a design team call.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, just email me(cherylsteve.robinson@gmail.com) the link to your blog or Facebook page so I can check out your style and skills.  I will be selecting three  designers and hope to have our new members in place within a week or two.  

Now for the top cards from Challenge #302:

Great cards!  Congrats,ladies.  And thanks to everyone who played with us.

Now, for challenge #304....thanks to Kaylin for the sketch. The optional theme is "Old and New" (use something old and something new on your card).

Here are the cards from our team:

Aren't these samples from our team gorgeous?  Don't they inspire you?  I am sure you are ready to get started and I cannot wait to see your creations.  You can enter below using the linky or on our Facebook page. Remember, you have two weeks to finish your card.  Hope you have some fun!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Challenge #303

Hi all! Hope you are having a great holiday!  I must be....I forgot to do today's post.  I apologize.

There is no photo as I am on the road and do not have access to my photos. 

On to the top three for challenge #301:

These beautiful cards are displayed  in no particular order.  Great job, ladies and congrats!

Our sketch this week is from Donna:
Optional theme: Bling for New Years!

And here are the examples from the team:

Great cards, team!  Truly beautiful and unique!  Thanks so much to everyone on our team for their efforts throughout the year.

Remember, everyone, that you have two weeks to get your card done if you want to play along.  Hope you have some creative fun!

****Note:  There will be no sketch next week so that our team can have a little rest but we will begin again the following week.  Hope you all enjoy your New Year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Challenge #302

Well, ready or not, the holidays are here! It is time to take a deep breath and just enjoy the next week or so.  Spend time with family and friends, and bask in the warm glow of those around you. But it is also important to have some "me" time and what better way than to craft?  I hope to be able to get back on track with lots of photos over the next little while - my camera is dusty.  So, however you choose to enjoy the season, I hope you have a glorious time.

Our photo this week is hot off the press .

This hairy woodpecker is enjoying the suet we put out.

On to our top three for challenge #299.  Here they are in no special order:

Beautiful cards, ladies!  I love how we each see something different in a sketch and how individual our messages are.  Congrats to you and thanks to all who played.

Now, for our challenge this week: Optional theme is SNOWFLAKES
Thanks to LeAnne for this great sketch.
And here are the creations from the team.

Wow!  Gorgeous, ladies!!!!  I LOVE every one of them and am sure our followers will feel the same.  Great inspiration!  Viewers can post their cards below or on our Facebook page.

Everyone, remember you have two weeks to get your card in so please don't stress over the holidays.  But do find some alone time for yourselves... it is so important during this busy season to take care of yourselves.  (And have some fun along the way)
See you later and ......Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Challenge #301

Good morning!  Well, it is almost holiday time.  With all of the preparations and bustle, why don't you find some time to relax and do a bit of last minute card making.  We would be happy if you could join us.

As usual, we start with a photo.  This one is from the archives as I have been a bit lax with my camera.
The birds love to peck at what apples remain on our tree all winter - sort of "apple popsicles".

On to our top cards from challenge #299.  Here they are (in random order):

Beautiful cards, ladies!  Each so very different.  In fact, I loved all the cards this week and it was extremely hard to choose.  Thanks, everyone who participated!

Now for our sketch for challenge #301 (courtesy of LeAnne):
It is a beautiful sketch and the optional theme is : Twinkle, Twinkle.
Here are the examples from the team:

Amazing cards, team!  I know you will inspire our followers to find a small bit of time for themselves during all the "busy-ness".  You are absolutely the best team out there.  A
big thank you to you all!

Remember, everyone, that you have two weeks to play along and you can enter below or on our Facebook page.  Happy creating, all!